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anxious anticipation

SquareAs churches go, the church I have been called to is a great church.  We are not perfect, mind you, but the folks who make up Porter Free Will Baptist Church inspire me every day to serve Christ – and them – with passion.  I am both honored and excited to serve them as pastor.

Porter has been a part of the Porter Township community for nearly 200 years.  Founded September 6, 1817, by a New-Englander by the name of Rufus Cheney.  Elder Rufus Cheney, to be precise.

And in that nearly 200 years, this little rural church has provided a foundation for the community.  The church was named “Porter” Free Will Baptist Church, because it was the first church of any denomination to be established within Porter Township.

There is a lot of history, and heritage behind this body of believers.

But what really excites me is not so much what has taken place in the past, as much as what is yet to be.  Why?  Well, I guess it is because of many things.  For one, we are discussing and praying about new ways we can reach out to, and minister to our community. And the ideas are many.  From special children’s days, to service projects, to special events (like our upcoming Fall Festival).  These are exciting things!

Another reason is that the dialogue is passionate.  In recent discussion groups, there have been many great ideas shared by every generation, and there is a growing sense of desire to do more.  More for Christ. More for our community.  More outreach. More ministry.  More relationship building.  More evangelism.

And we are praying for God to give us direction, and discernment in how to best be salt and light in our corner of the world.  As I pass the sixteen-year mark, serving my church family, I am still excited about ministry.  And I am excited about what God plans to do in us and through us, as we endeavor to love our community and neighbors in Jesus’ name.

Again, we are not perfect, but we love Jesus, and we love each other.  Our desire to serve Christ through serving our community is in obedience to both the Great Command (Love God, and love others as He has loved us), and the Great Commission (taking the Gospel to all the world… beginning in our own community).

If this is the kind of church you would like to be a part of, we would love for you to worship with us!


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