Physical Address: 1343 Dixon Mill Road, Sciotoville, OH 45662


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Every so often, as I pass through the small town where I was raised, I drive up Jefferson Avenue and pause in front of the house of my childhood.  As I pause, I remember a life filled with love, compassion and order. There are many young people who have not known what it is like to have a mom and a dad to tuck you in at night. Throughout the 60’s and 70’s, most families that we knew went to church.  Not only this, but they were Christian. Time has brought change to the old neighborhood, as well as to our world. Many times as I pause, a tear traces down my cheek. That was the home of my youth. Mom and dad no longer live there. They have relocated to a better home.

Now, Deanna and I have two wonderful girls. We are living at the fifth address we have called “home.” It has served as a safe place to raise our family, and, if the Father is willing, it will serve as “home” for many years to come. Lacey, has already begun her transition into adulthood, as she is now in her sophomore year of college. As she finalized packing on her last night at home before leaving for her freshman year, more than one tear traced down my cheek. I realized then, that from that night on, things would never be quite the same. Sure, my “little girl” would be home again, but things would be different. From that night on, when Lacey would come home, she would be living out of a suitcase. I know that Hannah, who is in her freshman year of high school, will begin that same transition before I know it. It is all part of God’s design.

While these “homes” have served us well, there is another home that I dream of. I have many loved ones and friends who are already there. Mom and dad are there. And it seems that the older I get, the more the thought of it enters my mind. And if I think on it for very long, before I know it a tear traces down my cheek. The old hymn says it so well, “This world is not my home, I’m just a passing through…”

“If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am, there you may be also.” (John 14:3 NASB)

“For those who say such things make it clear that they are seeking a country of their own. And indeed if they had been thinking of that country from which they went out, they would have had opportunity to return. But as it is, they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God; for He has prepared a city for them.” (Heb 11:14-16 NASB)

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