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unfinished projects…

As I sit in my nice, warm house I am thinking of my workshop. I find spending time there both relaxing and fulfilling. However, my workshop is not nice and warm. On any given winter day, it is usually five degrees colder than it is outside.
The thought that troubles me is in regard to the collection of unfinished projects that “furnish” it. An oak toolmaker’s chest (nearly all of the parts are cut out), a dovetailing jig (all of the parts are cut out), and a rocking horse (to be assembled with walnut, oak and cherry). Add to that the plans, drawings, and diagrams for a built-in bookcase, and a “primitive” cabinet that Deanna would like for the dining room. And then there’s the harvest table we have been talking about.
So you see I have a lot of unfinished projects. It is the unfinished workshop projects that cause me to reflect on the other things that may be unfinished.
For instance, have I “finished” my course for 2008? Have I accomplished everything within the Father’s design for my life for the past year? Have I completed every task that I would like to have completed over these past twelve months? The answer to each of those would have to be an unsettling “no.”
At this point in time, I have a few choices. First, I can just quit. I can throw in the towel, burn all of the parts that I have ready to assemble, and never, ever attempt to build anything, or accomplish anything again. Second, I can lower the bar. Not set my expectations for myself so high, and just cruise along. You know, just do whatever I feel like, and if I fail to finish a task I can just blame it on my circumstances. Or, I could continue to set the bar high, because I know my Father sets it high as well. I can remember that I am His child, and He has a kingdom purpose for my life. I can try harder, with the knowledge that He forgives my shortcomings; and, in fact, many times uses them for His glory.
Yes, in these past twelve months, I have disappointed myself. Even worse, I may have let Him down in some manner. But with Him as my helper, I will pursue Him and His purpose for my life in the coming year.
As for those unfinished projects – I will get to them… eventually.

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  • Pastor Mark,
    I have many unfinished projects that I can not do alone, so hopefully, with God’s help in this new year, and prayers of those who are willing to pray, I’ll be able to accomplish the tasks before me.
    Keep up the good work in His Service.
    You and your “girls” are a blessing to me.

    Peace be with you,

    January 10, 2009 at 10:00 pm

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